Foley Creation Fun

Created with Screenflow

In this tutorial, I show a snippet of the boring life of a foley creator. For those of you unaware, foleys are basic sound effects that you hear in movies that aren’t picked up by the original microphone on set. You would actually be surprised how many things in a movie are foleys. Creaking footsteps, car doors, car ignitions, chainsaws… etc.

I did one film where we spent a whole day recording foleys of setting down beer cans with different amounts of liquid in them to account for every time the actor on set put his beer down (as the cans were either empty or unopened, the sounds didn’t match what we perceive to be how a beer sounds hitting a table 1/4 to 3/4 full). It is often tedious work, and sometimes it warrants a little creativity. Once mastered, however, foley work is the heart of keeping your audience immersed in your film.

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