The Greatest Speech Ever Made

This is, in my opinion, the most important video on all of YouTube. It is a brilliant use of Voiceover editing and montage work. The speech itself is a very little known and (at the time) a very ill-received talking picture starring Charlie Chaplin (If you hadn’t noticed). Though his talkie career was short-lived and not at all what he was remembered for, this speech holds steady as one of the greatest uses of monologue ever written, for it to have been written so shortly after the advent of monologues in film.


What I find most inspirational is how true everything holds today, this is where the editing by the YouTube user has really shown through. by juxtaposing news clips, technology advertisements, and scenes from other films, this user has shown us the potential of our world versus the current state it is in through the lexicon of a speech performed by a man known for his silence from almost a century ago.

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