Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on IMDb


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is by far the most underrated film I have ever seen. Trust me, I have seen it a thousand times, on every different sized screen, at every resolution, and in every different mood. Once I watched it every single day for a year just to see if I would still love it. I do.

I don’t even know where to start, the cast, the dialogue, the action, the cinematography… Everything about this movie is absolutely top notch. It’s so good, I don’t even think the people who made it could have intended it to be this good. Robert Downey Jr., fresh out of rehmichellecuab, delivers the best performance of his life, a con man so fast talking and witty he makes Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark look like a second rate knockoff of Harry Lockheart. But it isn’t a standalone performance, The chemistry between RDJ, Val Kilmer, and the lesser known Michelle Monaghan is absolutely perfect. The Movie follows a classic two-sided mystery trope and has the wittiest dialogue you could ever want from neo-noir flick. Even the color scheme so heavily accentuates the reds, blacks, and whites, the you feel like you’re surrounded by the pages of your favorite detective novel or noir comic, enveloped in the very atmosphere of the film.

The Action is straightforward. For a movie from ’05 there is still a healthy amount of stunts, in fact, practically everything is an actual stunt or a real explosion, the CGI work is very minimal and limited mostly to compositing effects used in flashbacks throughout the duration of the film. Obviously, if you’re a huge fan of digital animation, this is not the way to go. But the films use of character, action, dialogue, and color alone make it something you absolutely 100% have to see.





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